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Blood Samples

Blood Samples

We offer an exclusive and convenient Mobile Phlebotomy Service. Priding our selves on providing expertise and a patient-centered experience for everyone!
Prior to booking an appointment you must already have the lab order or kit.  With out this you will be contacted and your appointment will be cancelled or re-scheduled,until such time that the patient or my self has received the lab order.

The company is not available for Contract or PRN or call-ins, until after 8/4/23  I will be doing a contract.  Thank you for your business.  Please call for special blood draw days and times during this period.

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Phlebotomy: Mobile Blood Test and Blood Collection Service

Mile High Phlebotomy LLC. makes blood tests/draws easy by providing both routine and on-demand service in the greater Denver-Metro area. Our highly experienced and professionally attired phlebotomist comes to you at your location.

Mile High Phlebotomy LLC. is owned & operated by Louise Leverette a highly qualified & pre-screened phlebotomist with over 20 years of experience and expertise. She is committed to providing the highest quality in HIPAA compliant professional patient care.


Dependable and Compassionate, you can be sure to receive the best blood draw experience Denver has to offer with a fully licensed and insured professional.

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