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  • Blood draws provided on adults,children and elderly patients

  • Drug screening analysis

  • Autism & Down Syndrome ($55 to start plus travel)the more difficult the patient pricing may vary.

Instructions Prior to Blood Draw


Drink plenty of water the night before. (this helps the veins become hydrated, especially if you are a very hard draw and it will prevent bruising.)


Hard sticks

You may want to put a heating pad or warm baggie of water to make the veins pop.

Kits:(no order needed to schedule)

If you have a kit please read the instructions

If you have to do a urine sample all that must be done prior to me arriving. It must be labeled properly and properly stored. (some require refrigeration or freezing.)


Also most kits come with ice packs and must be frozen to prepare for the next day.


Fasting Lipid Panels/ Glucose Test:


 If you have a fasting lipid panel or glucose testing you must fast10-12 hours prior to appointment. Drink water only all night! After midnight you can have nothing to eat prior to the blood draw. (no mints or gum.)


Please make sue that your pets are put away, prior to your phlebotomist's arrival.

Due to Covid 19 all patients getting blood drawn and anyone helping with the patient during the blood draw must wear a mask until, my departure of the area.


 Quest Diagnostic $55 per Doctor order(price depends on location)plus travel fee

 Lab Corp  $55 per Doctor order(price depends on location)plus travel fee

 All kit draws $65 (PLUS TRAVEL FEE)

Genova kits,etc kits(that require frozem urine and blood will automatically be $75plus travel(special pricing)will quote once aware of the specific kit type due to the difficulty of the kit processing.$75

*THERAPEUTIC BLOOD DRAWS $75 Plus travel (new added service)


 Urine toxicology/drug testing 12 panel same day results.(within 15min)$65 if results are positive can be sent to labcorp testing 7-10(travel fee drop off.


Parole, probation and requirements for court).15min results (there will be a stat fee of $45,plus blood draw pricing ,depending on location and travel  fee added on as well.

after hours fee for on  site urine drug testing 12 panel $40(15 min results)plus travel fee.

Weekend hours for urine drug testing 12 panel $50(plus travel fee)

 Saliva testing  $35


Special needs and Autism starting $65 (Depending on the combativeness or

risk of hurting me or them as the patient, will involve special pricing)subject to increase pricing.

*Special Events for companies* (supplies are a extra charge)

Pre-Post Delta Covid 10min results:$100 Weddings,Parties, Babyshowers,Anniversary,Birthdays,graduation parties.  All sports events pre-post

Footbal,MMA,Basketball,Baseball, Boxing etc.

Health Fair blood draws for  business(contract depending on employee volume)(supplies used and travel fee.)


Sneak Peek Gender testing-$250(special $50 off)Juneteenth special

* Special Services*

Rapid Delta Covid 10 min results $100

Delta Covid PCR test 7-14 days for results $150(labcorp)

Blood draws, Urine Drug Testing for

Ivy Start (IV certified) $75

Life Insurance Exams $125

Bio Metrics $50

Urine Testing $35


Aurora/Metro area $15

All other areas call for quote on travel fee.

All orders must  be prescribed and signed by your ordering Dr. 

If no Dr. order, any labs requested with-out a Dr. order will be $50 plus travel.

For kit draws. If you don't have your urine sample frozen or the ice packs for certain kit draws their will be an extra $20.  This delays drop off time for shipping.

If you have multiple lab orders to be drawn or kits, the fee will be more depending on all the calculated orders and kits.  Please call for pricing.

Weekend blood draws are extra $50 plus lab draw plus, travel fee.


PRN-(same day) if you need phlebotimist to cover your shift. $50 plus hourly.


Stat- same day $50 plus blood draw fee,plus travel fee 

Rapid Delta Covid Nose Swab 10 min results
Delta Covid PCR-7-14 day results
Non-DOTC urinen12 panel ( 15min results)
Urine Drug screen for Parole, Court Drug/alcohol 15 Min results)

 Quest Diagnostic Dr. Orders  

 Lab Corp Dr. Orders 

 All Kit draws  


Therapeutic blood draws

12 panel urine drug screen ( 15 min results)

Payment type:(on-line or in person)


Credit Card or Debit


any checks that do not clear will be an additional $25 charge

All blood draw Services Cost $55.00 . Any additional orders will be priced and quoted when scheduling blood draw

Kit draws $65.  Payments are due at time of services.

I do not bill insurance companies. 

Payment methods: cash, credit card or check.  (private pay only)

Same day appointments will be $45 not including travel time not including blood draw depending on patients address location  $45 for any additional orders.

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